Why Choose Fuze Seal Oil

Single-Product Focus

There is only one thing we do, and we do it well. Compared to other nutrition supplement companies, we only focus on developing seal products, continually improving on them. Seal is a scarce resource and the number of suppliers are controlled. As a result, we believe we are well positioned to develop the best product in the world to serve the most discerning customers.

We form a vertically integrated product line to bring the product directly to you. We spend great effort on every step of the process – from raw materials to processing to purification to production to transportation. We also use an online platform to ensure you can easily shop and enjoy the best quality product with an affordable price.

We partner with the best companies in Canada. 

The raw materials come from Phocalux International Inc, the leading manufacturer of seal industry. Their natural geographical location makes their seal products the most fresh and pure. They also have the most advanced crude oil extraction equipment in Canada. Our seal oil products are produced by OmegaICE. They have engaged in seal oil production for many years, and their high tech product line and innovation is one of the best in the world.

From raw materials to processing and refining to finished product manufacturing to end-customer integration, we have better rigorous control, more sophisticated technology, and we are always pushing the limits to develop a better product.

Safer Production Process
Every procedure is under control by government officials to ensure the best quality of the product.

More Purification Steps
Instead of using chemicals to speed up the process, we take extra steps to purify the product with the most natural processes.

Better Auxiliary Materials
Use healthier and more reliable auxiliary materials, such as advanced medical gelatin, and more advanced and environmentally friendly packaging materials.


We test every lot of oil and capsules so you don’t need to worry about quality and safety – that’s our promise. But don’t just take our word for it. Trust our many approvals and registrations throughout Canada and beyond.


Being Canadian wasn’t enough. DPA GOLD omega-3 also needed to be the best. So our founder partnered with Dalhousie University Professor Dr. Robert Ackman. The result is the world’s strictest quality and safety standards for harp seal oil.


Learn about the economic, social and cultural importance of the seal harvest to Canada.

Canadian seal harvesters, processors, artisans and Inuit produce some of the finest quality seal products in the world. In 2006, the total value of the seal harvest reached a historic high of $34.1 million. This value had a trickle-down effect in other sectors of the economy.

In Canada’s remote coastal and northern communities, sealing is an important part of the way of life and a much needed source of income for thousands of families. The revenues generated from this activity are an integral component of sealers’ annual income. This fishery also contributes to the diversity of income sources available in fishing communities.


Seals have been harvested for food, fuel, clothing and other products for hundreds of years. In addition to their economic value, seal products hold a significant cultural and traditional value to northern communities, which is of key importance to the Government of Canada. Indigenous peoples in Canada have a constitutionally-protected right to harvest marine mammals, including seals, as long as the harvest is consistent with conservation needs and other requirements.


The Canadian government believes in the sustainable use of a renewable resource such as the harp seal. As with all Canadian fisheries, Fisheries and Oceans Canada supports and regulates the seal harvest and is committed to ensuring it is sustainable and conducted safely and humanely. The Canadian seal harvest is one of the world’s most highly regulated and monitored harvests of wild animals. It is an important economic and cultural activity in communities in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic.